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Meet Kate

Certified Life Coach, Standup Comedian

Kate Hu is a former finance professional turned standup comedian and certified life and relationship coach. After navigating her own journey of self-discovery and relationship challenges, she is now passionate about empowering men and women to find their unique voices and establish the fulfilling partnerships they deserve.

As a coach, Kate draws from her personal experiences as well as her professional training to guide her clients through the ups and downs of dating and relationships. She specializes in helping women cultivate self-awareness, communicate their needs effectively, and build the essential skills for lasting love.

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In addition to her coaching practice, Kate also brings her infectious humor and relatability to the stage as a standup comedian. She uses comedy as a powerful tool to connect with audiences and share the honest truths about modern love and life.

Whether through one-on-one sessions, workshops, or her comedy performances, Kate's mission is to support men and women in unapologetically owning their worth and creating the fulfilling partnerships they desire. With her guidance, her clients learn to unlock their own path to conscious, enduring love.

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