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Meet Kate

Certified Business & Life Coach, Comedian

Hi you! My name is Kate and I am passionate about helping you create a life of freedom, spiritually, physically, and financially.

I'm a former quantitative analyst in option trading and former senior product manager at the second largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world, and a now standup comedian and transformation coach.
Having made significant life and career transitions myself from the traditional finance and technology industry, aka the standard "Asian Track", to a coach and standup comedian, I've come to believe that we can all rewrite our story.


I've seen myself growing from a deeply insecure person who struggled to "fit in" all her life, who thought a corporate career was the only option she had, and was always deterred by the slightest risk or judgment, to now someone who has fears but never lets it take over. Knowing that despite whatever everyone else tells me, I can always achieve whatever I wanted in my life, as long as I am determined enough, I realised I have found what true FREEDOM means.It's my mission to share my transformation experience to you, and help you see that, this is not it. There is a much greater life and world that we can create together.

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