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A Life of Freedom Is Within Reach

Transformational Coaching with Kate

Meet Kate

Certified Business & Life Coach

I help ambitious individuals, who struggle to see the light at the end of the tunnel staying where they are, create a life of freedom, spiritually, physically, and financially.
Having made significant life and career transitions myself from the traditional finance and technology industry, aka the standard "Asian Track", to a coach and standup comedian, I've come to believe that we can all rewrite our story. 


How I Can Help You

Recover from Burnout

Discover your Passion and Talents

Master Your Time and Energy

Build a Financial Freedom Blueprint

Develop Your Dream Business

Video Call

The Journey Towards Freedom Begins on A Decision to Change. Begin Your Journey Today.

What My Clients Say

"Kate was really related and helpful. During my 3/4 month consultation with her, I started recognising and knowing myself better. The conversations were not only about career, but also about any aspects I was concerned about my life such as confidence, security, relationships and etc. The change of how I think and perceive definitely make a great difference in my behaviour."

Carmen Wang, Investment Associate (Family Office)

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